Your invitation to the Elemental Rose Dragons – a New 5 month adventure

Come with me on a magical Rosy adventure to meet and work with the 5 Elemental Rose Dragons of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether. The Elemental Rose Dragons are highly evolved, loving and wise beings who have returned to assist humanity in these turbulent times of change. The 5 elements are the fundamental building blocks of our experience here on the Earth and are the way the Rose Dragons can help us to become fully present and Soul aligned. Our 5months together starts on the 20th April 2023 and will complete on the Winter Solstice 2023…

The Astrology of the Solstice this year is another significant marker on the path of humanities evolution and calls for a new level of Mastery and Activation of the unique gifts you have brought to hone and share with awakening humanity in this coming decade.

Together each month we will bring focus to and explore, different themes through the Rose codes of light. These beautiful energies can help illuminate and transmute any residual patterns and stories still lingering in your energy fields that are in any way dimming your light, or heart magnetics.

We will be polishing those radiant Rosy jewels harnessed in the process and placing them in the sovereign Crown of your BE-ing, through the refinement and alignment of your Heart Star, Soul Star and Earth Star… and the weave of the threefold flame of Love, Wisdom and Power.

This is a 9month Pilgrimage of Love… to fully blossoming your beautiful numinous Rose Heart.

I ask for your commitment to complete the 9month journey before considering entering our online Rosy Temple. The doors will close for this years group on 26th March or before if the available places are filled prior to that date.

The Rose Heart IM is a membership programme lasting for 9 months for a subscription of £108 (approx. $135) per month.

What Your Membership Includes

Depending on the location of those in the group there may be opportunity to have in person meets ups here in the UK but currently the journey is offered online.