Your invitation to join me on the NEW Mandalas of Love Course

Are you feeling called to come on this 6month journey of personal Inner Alchemy with me? and Master a completely new vibrational healing pathway for Hearts, Homes and the Earth.

I am sharing for the very first time, this new Mandalas of Love course, that has come together as a developmental completion point along the Way of The Rose, the focus of my journey since May 2010. It is a deep pathway of awakening Divine Feminine Wisdom and the Way of Beauty, Truth and Love.

The Rose Oracle and the Rose Dragons have come together to offer a wisdom pathway of exploration and Inner Alchemy. The 7 levels of the Rose Oracle for the Heart together with the Elemental and Celestial Rose Dragons, offer clarity, insight and grace to guide us. I would add that the more you are willing to engage, the more you will receive from this course and see your life and relationships through a new lens of perception.

During our six months together from Solstice to Solstice the 9 Beautiful Rose Mandalas of Love will each open like Rose windows of the Soul, to Illuminate anything we still hold within and to share their gifts for resolution, healing and inner coherence and alignment. Each Rose Mandala building on the wisdoms of the previous one/s.

Even if you have completed some of the earlier Rose classes the Mandalas of Love programme will offer deeper wisdoms and ever more clarity, relevant to the fast-moving times we are in. The Roses truly are pure medicine for the Heart.

* Mary Magdalene – Artist unknown

In this course you will…

Learn to dowse proficiently
Work with the Mandalas of Love and the Grids of Light.
Be able to create healing Mandalas for yourself and loved ones.
Elicit residual stories, pain and trauma safely and learn unwinding technique that releases the energy charge and blockage to restore health and vitality.
Engage and commune with each of the 70 Rose frequencies in the complete set.
Deepen your spiritual connection to your Higher Self.
Have greater trust of you inner knowing and gut wisdom.
Have a connect with your inner technology of Light and the Christ flame.

To take this course you will need…

A Rose Oracle second edition (or first edition with the 7 extension roses)
The Rose Dragon set
A pendulum
A file for your Mandalas of Love grids (sent as PDF’s for printing)
A journal
Curiosity and an open Rosy Heart.

Please note that this course is focussed on deepening your connection to the Rose frequencies and personal Alchemy for the Heart. There will be an extension to this course January – March 2025 which will be focused on MoL healing for Homes and the Earth.

What The Course Includes

There will be fortnightly live webinars starting on 20th June
Thursday evenings 7pm-8.30pm UK/2pm-3.30 EST
Depending on the size of the group I may also offer an alternative day/time
You will need to attend 50% of the live webinars to receive the Certification or have agreed otherwise with me.

Recordings of the webinars which will be posted out to the group and also available here on the Rose Portal MoL webinar page.

As we go through the 6months you will also have access to all of the recorded and archive 1-7 Rose classes relevant to the Mandala we are working with.

A private Facebook group for updates, questions and sharing.

Our last gathering is a bonus on 19th December for a group Solstice celebration and Certificates.

This certificated course is 6 months @ £155 or a single payment of £900.00