Rose 6

Rose 6


The Cosmic Roses are 4 Roses that came together in 2017 expanding the original Rose Set.

The 4 Cosmic Roses Earth Star, Soul Star, Gaia Gateway and Stellar Gateway help us connect with a greater sense of ourselves.

The class is over 4 sessions with a Workbook, grid and support material

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Session 1


  • The background of the Cosmic Roses
  • Sacred Geometry of the Vesica Piscis
  • Creation of grids with the other Roses
  • Connecting into the Earth Star

Session 2


  • The Soul Star
  • Exploring our Cosmic Heritage
  • Your personal Akasha
  • Connecting with your I Am Presence

Session 3


  • Gaia Gateway
  • Roots and relationship
  • The Dark Mother
  • Mary Magdalene

Session 4


  • Stellar Gateway
  • The Akashic records
  • Ask and it shall be given
  • Stargate energies
  • Connecting for the highest frequencies
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