Your invitation to a 5 week adventure with the Elemental Rose Dragons.

Join us on a deepening journey of Inner Alchemy with these carriers of great Wisdom from the 5D Heart of Gaia starting on 6th August

‘Welcome, dragon riders and dragon hearts we are excited to have this opportunity to go on another adventure with you. These are intense times of transformation on the Earth. We of Dragon consciousness are, at the behest of Gaia, once again returning to assist in this great turning of the ages and the elevation of humanity, for those who are ready.
Many of you have worked tirelessly this lifetime to transmute and clear the wounded fragments of your own Souls story and those embedded within your genetic lineage of choice. We remind you, in this regard a great service has been done, particularly in these years since 2012. Although many of you are, we know, now weary of the journey.
We are here to tell you there is not much further to go before you will see a changing tide. For it is true, yes, the tide comes in and the tide goes out, all is in Divine rhythm. Further preparation for this next phase of the unfolding is also essential and for this we Rose Dragons step forward. A reconnection and communion with the deepest heart of Gaia will greatly assist and ease the passage ahead.
We Elemental Rose Dragons carry the keys and codes of raw elemental consciousness along with our Rose Dragon Hearts. Our invitation, to bring a full alignment with the essential building blocks of your very presence here on the earth plane. As within so without, for HER body is your body.
Come with us on a journey to explore the relationship between your-Self and Gaia through the Rose Dragon lens we offer of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether. Come on a deep and Inner alchemical adventure, an empowering journey home to your illumined Self… to Love’
The Crystalline Rose Dragon of the Ethers
Communing through Sandy

What Your Course Includes

Depending on the location of those in the group there may be opportunity to have an in-person meet up at Burrow Mump… but currently the journey is offered online.