Welcome to Rose Heart Inner Mastery

I am really delighted to welcome you to the Rose Portal and this invitation to join me on a New Rosy adventure. I am here to hold a virtual Rosy Temple space for us to walk together on this Pilgrimage pathway home, to Self, to Love. It is my intention to hold Sacred Space for us during these 9 months and be both an inspirational guide, way shower and companion along the way, wherever you are on your own Rose Heart journey.

My personal Soul path has been to truly embody and walk The ‘Way’ of The Rose in this lifetime. From very early childhood there was a deep connection to the Rose… her beauty and mystery… and yet, in truth, as many who have walked this path have found, it is not necessarily for the faint of heart!! For it is a path of Initiation and Activation.

At times it is such a deep, challenging and often alone dive in the dark to heal the wounds of the Feminine Heart and to find the tools for Inner Mastery… but it is through the darkness that we find the truest unwavering Rose Heart light deep within, of compassion, acceptance, forgiveness and healing. The Gold at the Heart of the Rosa Mystica is in fully coming home to your authentic Self, to live as LOVE in action.

With the support of Lady Nada, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and my other Master guides and teachers may I shine a light on the Rose Heart path of Love.


Sandy Humby - Energy Alchemist