Welcome to The Online Rose Portal

This is your entry point to be part of our wonderful blossoming Rose Portal Community. I really look forward to connecting with you personally and sharing this path of Sacred Rose Wisdom, which can offer support, inspiration and empowerment for you on your Rose Heart journey.

I am Sandy Humby, I am an Energy Alchemist, Pranic Healer, House Whisperer and the Creative Channel for the Rose Alchemy Rose Oracle for the Heart. The Rose Oracle contains 52 beautiful and powerful Rose codes of Light and Love, guided into being in 2010 by Lady Nada and other Master teachers. The Rose is here to assist in the healing and reactivation of the Higher Heart centre flame and to be part of the raising of consciousness in an awakening humanity in these unprecedented times.

If the Rose path has called you, the Rose Portal community is here to walk alongside you in your journey to live a life of authenticity, joy, health, happiness and inner peace.

With Love and Rosy Blessings, Sandy

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